The majority of my work is in the 6x6 format. I bought my first Hasselblad in 1990.
The square format was at first a challenge. Later I came to appreciate its stability
and non-bias. It fits the type of image I look for.

I have used many films, including EPR, Velvia, E100G,
Velvia 50 and Velvia 100.

I hand-process my films with the Tetenal E6 3-Bath. They are then scanned with a
Nikon Super Coolscan 9000 scanner and individually adjusted and color-corrected with GIMP.
The images presented here are as close to the original diapositives as possible.

This gallery is best viewed on a monitor with a vertical resolution of at least 1024,
a full 8-bit color depth, and a color space close to or at sRGB.